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August 21, 2019

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On The Surface


On The Surface #456

July 30, 2008

The U.S. Automakers. If the concept of affordable, subsidized leasing goes away - and by all indications it's well on its way to disappearing - then the U.S. automakers are in deep, deep trouble. American consumers are so conditioned to look at "the deal" first when it comes to considering American cars - despite the media accolades given to such cars as the Chevy Malibu, Cadillac CTS, Ford Flex, etc. - that if the leasing option is taken away cold turkey and American consumers get a load of what the real money is for some of these cars, and what old-fashioned loans really cost, then a large percentage of those sales will flat vanish into thin air, never to return. Talk about a giant bowl of Not Good.

 Honda. More grim news for the auto industry as the dismal sales numbers coming in for July indicate double-digit declines for most car companies except for Honda, the right car company, at the right time, with the right product.

Bicycling. As former 80-mile a week cyclists, we appreciate what riding a bike can do for your health, frame of mind, etc., etc. But we can also appreciate that a minority (and we're stressing minority here) of the bicycling community conduct themselves on the road with a bad attitude and demonstrate reprehensible behavior vis-a-vis motorists that causes nothing but problems for the rest of the cyclists out there. With gas prices forcing people to consider bicycles as alternative fair-weather transportation in urban areas, read the latest issue of Newsweek for a story about the burgeoning mess of bicyclist vs. motorist confrontations as it pertains to Portland, Oregon. Talk about u-g-l-y.

Ford. In what is surely the first of many direct-to-consumer branding pushes, Barbasol Shaving Cream has teamed-up with Ford for something called the Mustang Challenge promotion. The result? Two million cans of Barbasol Original Shave Cream will be emblazoned with an image of the Mustang FR500S, the Ford Racing logo and the Mustang Challenge series logo and schedule. What next? Frosted Mini-Wheats shaped like the upcoming Ford Fiesta?


Automobile. Check out the "Milestones in Speed" in the September issue of Automobile magazine, a fine primer on "Mankind's great quest to move faster, to shorten the time between distant points, is one of the pillars of progress. It's also a huge rush." Don't miss it.

Autoweek. A belated congratulations to the folks at Autoweek for their 50th Anniversary and their superb 50th Anniversary issue, a remarkable and satisfying read. Congratulations to all.