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February 20, 2018

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On The Surface


On The Surface #447

May 28, 2008 

arrowdown.gifVW. Why these guys are so excited about the Tiguan is beyond us, but calling it "sexy" in their advertising and promotions? Yikes. VW also told Automotive News that they would increase sales in the U.S. by 5 percent this year because of the Tiguan, the CC coupe, the Routan minivan and the Jetta wagon. Okay, we get it - you've all been programmed at headquarters with a "blind optimism" chip.

arrowdown.gifGM. The boys and girls down at the RenCen are still a little crabby about the excellent cover story by David Welch in last week's BusinessWeek. Welch saying that CEO Rick Wagoner wasn't a "visionary" got their goat, apparently. Memo to GM: Truer words were never spoken.

arrowup.gifTata. Nice lengthy piece in today's USA Today by Sharon Silke Carty about Tata and their stewardship of Jaguar, among other things. Tata owning Jaguar may not be a problem or a liability at all, but the atrocious, derivative and lackluster styling of the new XF certainly will be. Jaguar hasn't found its new century design language yet, despite what certain Jaguar "lapdogs" in the automotive media are saying (or shoving down our throats, as the case may be). We're still waiting for the drop-dead gorgeous "next" Jaguar. And something tells us we'll be waiting for an awfully long time.

arrowdown.gifMichigan drivers. After prices went up $.19 in one week we're now paying $4.10 a gallon for regular, on average. Ouch.

arrowup.gifHydrox. The alternative Oreo cookie is coming back for a limited national run in August, according to the Wall Street Journal, after consumers complained to Kellogg's when it disappeared from shelves. Hydrox actually preceded Oreo cookies to market by four years, debuting in 1908 and produced by the Sunshine Biscuit Co. Oreos were produced by the National Biscuit Co. Hydrox was always considered the alternative "cult" favorite despite its unappealing name. We'll be waiting...

arrowup.gifSteve Wilhite. AdAge's Jean Halliday is reporting that Steve Wilhite, the ex-Hyundai, Nissan and VW marketing guru, has joined Jumpstart Automotive Media this week in the new position of president. Wilhite said he will focus on sales and marketing opportunities as well as product development and long-term corporate strategy for the San Francisco-based company. Wilhite also told AdAge that he expects to spend two weeks monthly at Jumpstart headquarters in San Francisco, and a week each at its Santa Monica, Calif., and suburban-Detroit offices. Steve is too good to be sitting on the sidelines, and this is a good move by Jumpstart.