No. 930
January 24, 2018

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Boredom sets in.

I was at the Detroit show on Thursday for work, and on Saturday with my son and nephew. I have been going for over 20 years. I found the show to be underwhelming because there were no notable concepts from anyone. No teasing and very little imagination. Having said that, my take on the following: New Ranger – Should have been here two years ago, if not replaced as soon as the last one ended production. New Ram – Nice effort, but seems to have lost some of the “Ram presence”. It will be interesting to see how it performs in the marketplace. New Wrangler – Looks great, appears to be every bit as capable as the last one, and should continue to sell well. New Silverado – Looks great. The 450 lb weight reduction is significant because GM did it without the huge expense of going to all aluminum. That is a different approach than Ford and I think that it is a good thing. I do not work for GM, nor am I taking anything away from Ford's achievement with the F-Series. The F-Series is an excellent vehicle. Any of the cars – Except for the ZR1, I cannot recall anything of note – they were all that boring.

Bloomfield, Michigan

Rage against the machine? It was bound to happen. 

Whenever there is great change, there will be correspondingly great resistance. Self-driving cars? No different.

 Excerpt: The car’s human driver says that a pedestrian then unexpectedly ran into the street against the traffic signal and “shouting... struck the left side of the Cruise AV’s rear bumper and hatch with his entire body.”

I just wanted to state, for the record... It wasn't me. I'm not much of a pedestrian.

But you might ask where Tom Pease was that day...

Dave Guyette
(AE's Portland-based correspondent)
Portlandia, Oregon