No. 927
December 13, 2017

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The High-Octane Truth.

Isn’t GM missing a CMO not only a bigger issue than simply advertising and messaging but the whole problem with GM?
 If there was a CMO then Mary Barra has more than nothing to say because there is a consistent message. If GM has a CMO then they don’t pursue pipe dreams of future mobility until it’s pretty clear what that actually means. If GM has a CMO then Cadillac doesn’t sell out it’s American point of view and probably doubles down on it. If GM has a CMO they could figure out what the brand means similar to Lincoln’s emerging reawakening selling American luxury and cars with actual meaningful names rather than ones put into an online character randomized. And finally if GM had a CMO they’d know better than to have a shopping app in a car because they would know the PR nightmare it would bring about. So, as you can see pretty much every one of GM’s missteps could be corrected if they had a CMO, it is the Common Denominator.

Holly Springs, North Carolina


Your report that FCA doesn't have any “advanced technology “and needs some other auto maker to buy them out to provide that advanced technology.” Doesn't the G.O.A.T. control Ferrari? Doesn't Ferrari have "advanced technology?” Maybe that why Ferrari hasn't won many F1 races recently.

Mustang, Oklahoma

Editor-in-Chief's Note: Yes, Ferrari has plenty of advanced technology, however, Marchionne spun the prancing horse brand into a separate company. -PMD

Follow the money.

The lead picture in this week's “Horizon” pretty well sums up what is wrong today with Cadillac and GM's marketing efforts. The picture of a pseudo “Cadillac” racing car with the words “Mustang Sampling” brightly emblazoned across its nose is priceless! GM's need for an overall marketing director is obvious. What an embarrassment for GM (and Cadillac.) Would Ford ever build a racing car with the words “Camaro Sampling” written on its nose? On second thought, putting “Mustan Sampling” on the nose of a Cadillac racing car is quite a coup for Ford.

Mike D.
El Dorado Hills, California

Editor-in-Chief's Note: Mustang Sampling bills itself as "Analytically Accurate Technology" and has nothing to do with the auto business, although some people may assume that. Sponsorship in racing is so hard to come by these days that racing teams have to take it whenever it happens and wherever it comes from. -PMD

It's already here.

Your notion of people in the future owning a “gray” car and a regular one may be closer than you think. My wife and I own two cars – we are retired and financially very stable – one of which is a lovely German luxury car and the other is a cheap little hybrid. We use the hybrid for all our local daily running around, but when we go anywhere more than a few miles away we use the luxomobile. We have been doing it this way for about three years now, and when time comes to replace the cars, the brands may change but the scenario will remain the same. One cheap little hybrid, or maybe all electric, and one ICE’d real car.

Ted R.
Raleigh, North Carolina